Montana plays a pivotal role in aliens coming to our planet. In almost exactly forty years, aliens will make first contact with earth. It is predicted to happen just outside of Bozeman. This is all according to one of the best Star Trek Movies ever made.

Science Fiction Is Happening Right Now

We are living through a time of predictions and science fiction. Back to the Future time travel has already happened, that occurred on October 21 2015. We are close to getting our hoverboards and flying cars, but not quite there yet. George Jetson from the classic cartoon "The Jetsons" has been born. He was born on July 31, 2022.

Aliens Will be Coming To Montana

Star Trek: First Contact is a science fiction movie that came out in 1996. For those that don't know, "first contact" is when aliens make first contact with humans on earth. Vulcans to be specific. This is supposed to happen on April 5, 2063. On April 4, 2063, the Starship Enterprise is supposed to go back in time and help make all of this happen in Montana. This may sound like "nerd" talk, but I am more interested in cool things that happen in Montana, than being a big science fiction fan. What would be more cool than making history and meeting aliens outside of Bozeman in exactly forty years?

Are Aliens Already In Montana?

Kids that are being born now, may grow up to see this happen. Speaking of birthdays, happy birthday to the original captain of the Enterprise, William Shatner. This is all, of course, predicting the future. We have a lot of examples of future predictions. Did King of the Hill predict Montana's Future? Did President Lincoln predict how awesome Montana will become? Some predictions may come true. If this one does, just imagine all the aliens wandering around Bozeman. Come to think of it, maybe that has already happened.

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