Dear door-to-door solicitors,

I know your job is tough, sales in general is tough. Trust me, I know because I use to sell those tubs of cookie dough and butter braids as a kid. Not my favorite thing to do in the world but hey, some people make a living at it.
On Friday afternoon, I was waiting to bring my friend to the Billings airport and was basking in the sun that was pouring through my windows at home. I rarely keep my blinds open during the days, but it was beautiful out, so I was enjoying it.
My sheer curtains were drawn, and that when I see two, large, white men in black hoodies approaching my door. I didn’t see a business logo on the front of the hoodie, but as they got to my door, they decided to do something that made me super uncomfortable.
Credit: Canva
Credit: Canva
They opened my front screen door, and they weren't knocking...One of them was pounding on the wooden door. I mean- POUNDING, like they were in trouble. Only cops, or people that need assistance quickly knock that loud...

My dogs were hot on the scene and started barking very loudly.

I was so glad in that moment that my dogs annoyingly loud barks came in handy., especially because I was home alone in this moment. I was always taught to never open the door for anyone, especially when alone a home.
Trigger warning: My aunt had a solicitor attack her and sexually assault her when she was around my age. The women in my family taught me that it's okay to ignore solicitors. And to always fight back if being attacked.
No one has to open to the door...
Credit: Nikki V. I hid behind this corner...
Credit: Nikki V. I hid behind this corner...

My first instinct was to hide.

My heart felt like it was going to explode with adrenaline. It wasn’t until I was around the corner by my coat closet door, that I heard these two dudes try to twist my front door knob…! The top bolt was locked, but the bottom knob wasn’t.
They jiggled the knob, and closed the screen door. My heart was pounding out of my chest.
“Were they coming in here!?” I thought to myself.
Credit: Canva
Credit: Canva

All my weapons were away from me.

All of them- my pocket knives, firearms, and pepper spray and some martial arts weapons too that I do know how to use. I never thought I'd have to until this moment was happening. That’s how quickly my thoughts were assessing the situation— I thought I was gonna have to fight off these two huge guys in black hoodies with a kitchen knife or something.
I stayed hiding, just in case they did breach the door. I waited for 2 minutes, but it felt like 10. I peeked out form around the corner, and the guys were gone.
I didn’t see where they went, but I immediately drew my blinds shut, and flew up the stairs where the weapons were.

So I guess my point is that if you have two large men, in black hoodies, going door-to-door to sell stuff- teach them better practices??

Maybe you, the reader, owns a company that does this. But come on- who the heck pounds on doors like cops do and attempts to turn the front door knob?!
I'm assuming they were solicitors... but maybe they weren't. All I know is, that was terrifying.
There’s a door bell for a reason. Use it. Please and thank you.
Nikki V.
PS: God bless our dog protectors, usually our first line of defense.  

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