Baker Bob visits with the head coach for both AA football teams each week before a home game.  This week's guest was Coach Dennis Morris. Coach Morris told Baker Bob how proud he is of his players:

“I just got done visiting with Cole, and Cole is a winner. And Cole Taylor, that's something that we just talked about. I said, Dude, you got to sometimes turn around and look and see who's behind you is AJ LaFurge, and arguably, in my opinion, the number one running back in the state. I mean, he's been a dude. His stat line is awesome. He's a great leader. And AJ, looks straight in front of him and sees Cole Taylor. Who is in my mind the number one quarterback in the state as far as can throw the ball, can run the ground, can do so many things. So, we have great athletes, and our athletes have been doing a really good job. Gus Nunez is still hanging there at the top of the leaderboards catching passes. River Washington has come alive out on the edge, is doing a great job for us and just being a steady eddie. The defensive side of the ball. We've been a little banged up by injuries right there, but JJ Triplett on the defensive line has been a phenomenal job. Young Nick Donester has come in as a sophomore. So much speed, he has to learn how to handle it, but he's been doing outstanding. Dorian White to replace the injured Anthony Oakes, has come in and just become a very solid football player. They're doing a really good job playing football again.”

You can hear the entire interview here:

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