Montana has legalized cannabis for recreational use for over a year now. So far things seem to be going great in the world of legalized cannabis. Montana is seeing a huge spike in tax dollars, and it is safe to say that residents of Montana are generally "HAPPIER" now that they don't have to be so paranoid about pot.

For anyone who uses recreational cannabis, we are willing to bet that you sampled it far before it was legalized. Much like alcohol in the 20s and 30s, prohibition of the herb did not stop people from consuming it. In fact, some people were able to use cannabis use as a springboard into their careers. The taboo nature of cannabis at the time drew people into listening to such greats as Cheech and Chong and even the late Ralphie May.

You remember Ralphie May right?

According to Wikipedia

In 2003, May was chosen to participate in the first season of Last Comic Standing. He finished in second place in the competition, with Dat Phan winning first place. Afterwards, May appeared in comedy shows, such as The Wayne Brady Show and The Tonight Show with Jay Leno.

In the early parts of his career, shortly before appearing on Last Comic Standing, Ralphie made his way to Missoula for a LIVE standup appearance.

I had the opportunity to interview Ralphie, and asked him about the time he got "way to stoned in Missoula." He told the story of the night he performed in Missoula and the afterparty he attended. The party consisted of a bong that was 2 stories tall. Using a vacuum cleaner to suck the smoke. And a cow skull at the end of the bong.

Hear his full story of that night

Sadly Ralphie May passed away in 2017. But his legacy as an extraordinary comedian remains.

Happy 4/20 Montana

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