Montanans are always campaigning for major retailers to open a location here. How many times have you heard someone in MIssouls they're sure that we're getting an Olive Garden? When Lucky's Market closed, it seemed like an excellent opportunity for Montana to get its first Trader Joe's. Well, now we have another opportunity.

IKEA is Opening News Stores in the U.S.

CBC News is reporting that IKEA will open 17 stores across the U.S. over the next three years and with a focus on the south. There is very likely a strategy to where the stores will be opening, but might I suggest planning a store for Montana?

Businesses That People Want to See in Missoula

A while ago we asked which businesses people wanted to see come to town and came up with 10 businesses we wish would open a location in Missoula. Having an IKEA didn't make it on that list. But now that we're going to have an Amazon Fulfillment Center, it seems plausible that Missoula would host another major retailer.

Why Having an IKEA in Missoula Makes Sense

The Options

Missoula's demographic is very well-suited to the affordable furniture retailer. With a significant portion of Missoula's population being comprised of students and people who rent apartments, the myriad options that IKEA offers at reasonable prices would be very attractive to a lot of people.

The DIY Spirit

Yes, everyone likes to make fun of the fact that IKEA furniture is hard to put together but come on, Missoula's kids learn how to make things just as complicated and interesting at the spectrUM Discovery Center at the Missoula Public Library. Putting together a wardrobe should be a breeze.

The Meatballs

Need I say more?

Why It Also Makes Sense to Pass on IKEA

With a city as environmentally conscious as Missoula, IKEA may not be a good fit after all. Buying used furniture instead of new furniture is more sustainable. Looking for a nightstand at Goodwill or any of the other second-hand stores might be the better option. And if you are looking for new furniture, you can always support local furniture stores.

9 Businesses That Should Open a Location in Missoula

We asked, and you answered, and then we brainstormed a little bit too. Here are 9 businesses that we think should open a location in Missoula, Montana.

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