The world is a BIG place full of surprises. Which is probably why I enjoy watching the Travel channel so much. I know that I will never be able to afford to travel the world and visit all of its remarkable places. So I live vicariously through the travel show hosts that do it for me. People like the late Anthony Bourdain did an amazing job construing what it is like to visit these places. Making you imagine what it may be like to visit.

So when you think of the wide world of bars, you would probably picture sandy beaches, or million-dollar views, and EXPENSIVE cocktails. But, you probably wouldn't think of any place like that being in Montana. Well, according to Artful Living, Montana is home to one of the Top 5 Most Extraordinary Bars in the World. Can you think of what bar they may be talking about?.... You guessed it! The Sip N Dip in Great Falls has yet again made its name known on the world stage. Sharing that light with GORGEOUS bars from places like Jamaica, Hong Kong and Switzerland. Not to mention, another popular bar in the US, is located in Wisconsin.

Artful Living describes the Sip N Dip as

Polynesia on the Great Plains. The Sip ’n Dip draws a local crowd ranging from college kids to ranchers to airmen from the nearby military base. The entertainment consists of a “tank” of mermaids (and occasionally mermen) who perform behind two large glass windows six nights a week to the delight of visitors from near and far.

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