I enjoy cooking at home. I enjoy cooking for other people. For me, the kitchen is my "man cave." I'm constantly trying new recipes and perfecting others. Only to sit back and enjoy the look on someone's face when they take their first bite. I cannot tell you how many times I have said to myself, "You should open your own restaurant." All the time knowing that there is no way I could afford to open one. Let alone afford to run one. Then something like this comes along and reignites my interest in becoming a restauranteur. An established business that is surprisingly affordable to acquire.

Seely Lake's famed "BBQ PIT" is for sale for $25,000

Anyone who has ever driven through Seely Lake has seen the BBQ Pit building. Located right in the heart of Seely Lake on Highway 83. It is a small shack, in the middle of the bustling summertime tourist foot traffic. A small yet simple-to-maintain building that offers up 2 service windows for dishing out some delicious BBQ.

Google streetview
Google streetview

According to an ad placed on the Facebook Marketplace group "Missoula Classifieds"

Located in Seeley Lake MT, The BBQ Pit, is available for Sale. Asking $25,000.
The recipes and training are available with purchase.
If BBQ isn't your gig, purchase the equipment and do whatever your heart desires.
Clearly, I am not the person for the job. But, maybe you have the ambition to make your dream comes true and own your own BBQ places. If you are interested in learning more, or you want to schedule a viewing of the place, call 208-699-6780

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