I almost started this article off with a "we've all been there," but then I realized, maybe there are some of you that haven't ever been pulled over by the police. If you haven't, way to go! For the majority of people though, at some point in your driving career you've probably had to talk to a police officer in your vehicle.

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When that happens, we wondered can you legally leave your window up in Montana when the cop comes to ask you for your information?

Keep scrolling to see if you can leave your window up when pulled over in Montana 👇


Do's and Don'ts When You Are Pulled Over

Let's start with what NOT to do when you are pulled over by the police, according to mamunsonlaw.com.

  • "DON’T automatically remove your seat belt. This could lead to a Click-It Ticket. Better to wait until the officer sees you take it off before reaching into the glove box for your documents."
  • "DON’T argue with the officer.  A smile and a positive attitude will make the incident go much more smoothly."
  • "DON’T admit to wrong-doing.  Keep answers short."
  • "DON’T speak first.  Always let the officer state the reason for pulling you over."

So now that we know what not to do when you are pulled over, what should you do, and can you leave your window up?


The biggest thing you should do when talking to the police, not just during a traffic stop but in any interaction, is be respectful.

As to what to do during a traffic stop here's the DO'S, according to mamunsonlaw.com.

  • "DO turn off your engine and roll down your window. If you wish, you can keep the window just low enough to talk through until you’re comfortable that this is a legitimate officer, then roll it down all the way."
  • "DO be respectful and address the police officer as “Officer” or “Sir” or “Ma’am”.  Sometimes “I’m sorry” does wonders."
  • "DO hand over your important documents on request (license, registration, and proof of insurance)."
  • "DO answer the officer’s questions honestly.  DO maintain eye contact and be civil, polite, and to the point. (It’s worth noting that you do have the legal right to remain silent.)"

So there you have it, there is no law saying you can't leave your window up, but making the officers job more difficult will probably have a negative effect for you in the end.

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