Is It Legal To Drive With Your Halloween Masks On In Montana?

Halloween is fast approaching and perhaps this year you'll be heading out to a party with friends.

On your way there you slip your mask on to complete your costume, but in doing so are you breaking the law by wearing your mask while driving?

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Some costumes can be pretty elaborate and hard to remove parts of without almost taking the whole thing off.

So for those people in those costumes are they breaking the law by driving around with their masks on.

Also what about people who decorate their cars with Halloween themed decorations, is that legal or illegal.

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A woman decorates her car with halloween decorations

According to the website Find Law they say the following,

Well, as long as you're safe.

I know that seems like a pretty cut and dry answer, but you'd be surprised at the amount of people that don't seem to take that to heart.

Any sort of impaired vision can be dangerous, not just for you but for other drivers as well.

Even the smallest mask can obscure the entirety of your periphery vision. A mask will also limit the amount of light you use to see. Obstructing your view in such a way is incredibly dangerous.

It’s generally also not a very good idea. Police are more likely to pull you over, even on Halloween. Wearing a mask while driving makes it appear as though you’re hiding your identity.

That's another good point that Find Law brings up: by wearing your mask when not at a costume party or walking around trick-or-treating, it might raise suspicions with local law enforcement.

So, this year do the safe thing and take your mask off when you get behind the wheel.

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