"Nostalgia is a very human trait" - Stephanie Coontz

Nostalgia is a seductive drug, and one that can lie to us. Sometimes remembering the good old days can be seen through rose colored glasses. We sort of forget the rough parts and only remember the happier things. At the same time it's fun to go and look back at how things used to be or look.

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I've never been a big user of eBay. I don't know why, cause I love to save money; and eBay is full of items that could save me money from clothes and electronics to collectibles. eBay is a collectors dream, because just when you think you're the only one out there interested in something, you find a whole community that has that same interest.

I wasn't looking for anything to collect or buy when I logged on to eBay today, more just curiosity on what I could find if I just searched "Great Falls, Montana." It was fun to see t-shirts or hats and even this old beer can.


The coolest find though was all of the post cards. There were photos and documentation of Great Falls through the years. I was amazed by how "busy" and "alive" downtown Central Ave seemed in one of them. How years ago Great Falls never crossed the Missouri River.

So let's take a trip down memory lane together and see how Great Falls used to look thanks to these listings from eBay.

These Amazing Ebay Listings Show Great Falls Through The Years

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