What Montana County Has The Highest Median Household Income?

There are 56 counties in Montana and the difference between the county with the lowest median household income and the top are huge.

The difference is actually double from the #56 county and the #1 county, but the most surprising thing, the county topping the list is not the county you would probably think of first.

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Perception Is Not Often Reality In Montana

When it comes to perceived "rich" counties in Montana the one that everyone points to would be Gallatin county.

The reason for this is is that is home to Bozeman, which right or wrong, has become known as Boz Angeles.

Turns out this county, while full of celebrities does not top the list, probably because those celebrities are not working and earning their money in that county, they are just flying in and vacationing here.

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This County Was One Of The First Counties In Montana

When it comes the county with the highest median household income, it is part of the original 9 counties that constituted the Montana territory.

Formed on February 2 1865, which was 12 years before the first Groundhog Day celebration, it is one of the oldest counties still in existence in the state.

There are also very few people living in this county, as it's 2020 census puts the population at just 12,085.

So to find out what county this is, take a look at the top 10 highest-earning counties in Montana in the gallery below. 👇

The Top 10 Highest Earning Counties In Montana

These Montana counties have the highest median household income according to Stacker.

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