Where Is The Highest Point Of Elevation In Montana?

Montana has a vast and varied landscape from the plains of the eastern Montana to the Rockies in the west.

Did you know though that the top 41 highest points of elevation in Montana all are within the same mountain range?

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When people think of Montana they often think of mountains, and the Rocky Mountains to be exact.

A segment of the northern Rocky Mountains is home to not just the highest point of elevation in Montana, but also the home to the top 41 highest points in Montana.

Oddly enough, none of these points rank in the top 100 of highest points in America.

A mountain range being crushed between fingers

None Of Montana Highest Points Rank In The Top 100?

Not a single one, that's because of Alaska having almost all of them.

California and Colorado also are home to plenty in the top 100 as well.

Montana having none is a bit is odd, since Montana is considered a "mountain state" and our lowest point is almost 2000 feet above sea level.

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So what is Montana highest elevation, and what mountain range will you find it in and the other 40 highest peaks in the state?

A man looks at Granite Peak in the Beartooth Mountains in Montana

Granite Peak In The Beartooth Mountains

Granite's Peak sits at 12,799 feet with the second highest point being Granite Peak-Northwest Peak sitting at 12,750 feet.

Again, all told Beartooth Mountain is responsible for 41 of the highest peaks in Montana, all of them over 11,000 feet.

Just know that if you plan on climbing Granite Peak, it is not for novices and even experienced climbers can expect a two day climb.

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