Should Montanans Be Concerned About The New iOS 17 Update?

Apple releases new updates all the time for their devices and they are currently on iOS 17.

While this latest update was released back in September of this year, recently it's been making some headlines and trending on social media for some privacy concerns.

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We all should be vigilant about what information we share and who we share that information with.

That's why across America police departments have been issuing warnings about a new feature that was added to Apple devices that makes it easier to share information with people you trust.

But, is that information also being shared with people you don't trust or even worse, you don't know are even gaining access to it?

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What is NameDrop?

The cause of concern is a new feature called "NameDrop" if you've ever used the "AirDrop" feature on your Apple device you're probably already familiar on how this works.

If you aren't, here is how the website Wired describes it:

When NameDrop is turned on, two iPhone users can activate the feature by holding the top ends of their smartphones together. Then a contact card with your email and phone number may pop up on your own device. After that, you can tap Share or Receive Only. If you choose to share your contact information, it will be sent to the other device. End the transaction by tapping Done in the top left corner of your screen.

So, as you can see, there isn't really anything to worry about, as you have to give your consent to share the information.

If you're really concerned about your personal data getting into the wrong hands, what you should do is make sure you aren't sharing your location accidentally.

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