Montana's Busiest Tourism Season

Montana gets a huge boost from the tourism industry, which pretty much runs from around April-May until September-October.

However, if you don't want to fight long lines, tons of tourists and don't mind going during a time considered "off-season," Montana still hold plenty of wonder and beauty for those that can wait.

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While most people don't think of winter as a particularly popular time to visit Montana, there are plenty of places to visit during those cold months.

Think of how many people pour into Whitefish during the winter to take advantage of the world class skiing.

However there is one place that the website Love Exploring says you need to visit outside of the peak tourism months.

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Best Place To Visit In Montana During The Off-Season

According to Love Exploring they say that Yellowstone National Park is the best place to visit not just in Montana, but in America during the "off-season."

Here's their reasoning,

Summer is Yellowstone’s busiest season, though winter – when wolves, foxes and coyotes stalk in snowy meadows – is spectacular. In spring, the frost begins to thaw and seasonal roads begin to reopen, yet crowds are still thin until around May and June. Visitors who don’t fancy trekking through icy landscapes should visit in March or April, when wildflowers begin to carpet the ground and bison calves, grizzly cubs and bighorn lambs can sometimes be spotted (from a safe distance).

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I can attest to going to visit during the less "popular" times, as my wife and I went late fall a few years back and it was great. Short lines, less people and less stress as well.

Montana is great anytime, but for us locals, getting there before or after the tourists is the best time.

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