Your "Service Dog" Isn't Fooling Anyone.

I can't be the only one to notice a recent trend of more and more people walking around businesses with their dogs in tow?

Before you jump down my throat, let me preface this by saying this isn't about those with actual true and authentic service dogs.

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No this is more about people who are using a fake badge or documentation they buy online and pass off an emotional support dog as a service dog.

They then take advantage that most people aren't going to question them or don't want to mistakenly accuse someone with an actual service dog.

What brought this about? Well the other night I had to make a late night grocery run and I saw 4 different people with dogs, 3 of which had the service dog badges on them and 1 that had no badge at all.

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A service dog helps a blind person

More And More Fake Service Dogs Are Being Spotted.

So how did I know they weren't real service dogs?

Well I can't be 100% certain, except for the one with out a badge.

But there are a few tell tale signs that you can look for.

According to DoggySaurus here ways to tell if someone has a fake service dog,

  • The dog is destroying property.
  • The dog is barking or whining uncontrollably without a valid reason.
  • The dog is pulling to get to another animal.
  • The dog is easily frightened or loses focus quickly.
  • The dog is running up to strangers and begging for pets or treats.
  • The dog is not housebroken.
  • The dog is riding in a shopping cart (not always the case, but it is a sign for you to look out for).

So of the 3 dogs with badges I saw, 1 was riding in a cart, and another was pulling and going up to other shoppers sniffing them.

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A chalkboard that says "why do you care?"

I care because Montana is one of the few states that it is actually illegal to have a fake service dog.

Plus as more people fake needing a service dog, it causes questions for those with a real need for their service dog.

If you think you've spotted a fake service dog you should contact local law enforcement.

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