How Expensive Is It To Live In Montana In 2024

Remember when you were a kid and you're parents or grandparents would reminisce about how things used to be cheaper?

I think I've finally reached that age in my life where I too want to complain that Montana used to be a lot cheaper to reside in than it is today.

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The Cost Of Living In Montana Keeps Going Up

I know I am preaching to the choir about this, but it really has become more expensive to live in Montana in the year 2024.

It used to be "okay" to have lower wages because they were offset by a lower cost of living, but today those lower wages compared to the rest of America are making it harder and harder for middle-class families to do more than just survive in Montana.

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Turns Out Montana Is Still Pretty Cheap

While we all might be longing for the "good ol' days," Montana still is a relatively cheap state to call home.

According to the website Doxo, which is a website that tracks and details how much Americans from each state are spending on their monthly bills, Montana ranks as the 30th most expensive state.

The average household in Montana is paying about $1,994 each month, while the national average is $2,126. That saves us about $1,582 a year compared to the national average.

As for the Montana towns with the highest monthly bills?

Sadly, Doxo doesn't provide amazing detail for every city in Montana, but they do list 7 of the top 10 cities for highest monthly bills in 2024, which you can see in the gallery below. 👇

7 Montana Towns With The Most Expensive Monthly Bills Revealed

These 7 towns rank within the top 10 for highest monthly bills in 2024 according to Doxo, a website that tracks how much Americans spend each month.

Gallery Credit: Nick Northern

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