Montana and America really hate this grocery store

I'm sure most you of you know that people love to voice their displeasure about something far more than they enjoy singing praises.

That is pretty evident by recent article I found where shoppers were asked their opinion on satisfaction about grocery stores in their area.

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In Montana we've got quite a few locations to pick from on where to get your groceries, and maybe you even shop at a couple different ones for certain items.

Most recently you may have heard that Albertsons and Kroger had agreed to a merger, but that still hasn't been approved as of yet.

Yet, when it comes to the most hated grocery store in America you can find 14 of them all across Montana.

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a Shopping Cart with oranges and lettuce sits in the middle of an aisle

This Grocery Store Has Ranked At The Bottom For 19 Straight Years

According to the American Consumer Satisfaction Index this grocery store has been rated the worst place to shop for almost 2 decades straight.

If you're wondering how a business can be ranked so low for so long and not be out of business, well it's probably because it's the most affordable place to shop.

I'm of course talking about Walmart, which has 14 Supercenters along with 2 Sam's Club locations across the Big Sky.

It is not all bad news for Walmart stores however is they have gone up 4% in favorability since 2020.

So where do you like to your shopping? Let us know through our App or email me your favorite place.

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