Art is subjective, what one person might consider a masterpiece another might consider it no better than their child could do. So that is why when I saw that a Montana statue was on a list of the ugliest statues in each state, I had to check out which one they were talking about.

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I am no statue expert and I am sure there are plenty of statues in Montana that I do not know about, so I cannot help but think there has got to be one that is uglier than the one listed for Montana.

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I am not going to say this statue is Michelangelo's David by any stretch of the imagination.  It is kitschy for sure, but that is what makes the ugliest statue in Montana so unique and unusual. Plus it is mostly just to commemorate a very frigid day in Montana. On Feb 1st, 1989 it dropped to 64 below zero and thus an idea was born.

Google Maps/Canva
Google Maps/Canva

That's right said the "Talking Penguin" in Cut Bank is Montana's ugliest statue.

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So is it the ugliest statue in Montana? Well that depends on who you ask, some people in Cut Bank love it.  Others despise it and want to see it blown up.

Personally, I think it is kind of fun; plus it is definitely not as ugly as the one in Maine.

Google Maps
Google Maps

That my friends is "Big Boy Tony" in Augusta, Maine and he is uglier than a talking penguin any day.

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