COVER PHOTO L to R Ethan, Madison, Isaac (Not Pictured Russell & Henry)

North Middle School recently competed in a regional competition that included schools from all over the state of Montana. The teams consisted of students in the 7th and 8th grades and they competed in two different contests.

Madison, Ethan and Isaac gave is the details of their competitions.

The Science Olympiad

Madison: The Science Olympiad is a series of competitions with 14 events that include engineering, chemistry, biology, forensics, physics, scientific processes and scientific writing. Our team had 13 participants, eight of which were eighth graders and five were seventh graders. Besides the three of us here, there was Henry, Russell, Bristol, Lydia, Samantha, Rowena, Matthew, Elijah, Gabe, and Cody. We were also joined by our coaches, Mary Somerfeld and JoAnne Rohrback.


The competition was held in Bozeman on March 8th. We got gold medals in:

  • Experimental Design
  • Crave The Wave
  • Disease Detectives

We got a silver medal in:

  • Rhodes Scholar

Overall, we got third place out of about 30 schools. Last year we finished first, but we had to compete at the national competition virtually.

Science Academic Bowl

Ethan: The Science Bowl was a jeopardy like competition, with buzzers, that was held in Billings on March 9th. North Middle School sent two teams of five. We competed with 14 teams across Montana. The morning had round robin competition to determine advancement to an eight team double elimination round. The other team from North, Lydia, Samantha, Matthew, Cody and Gabe, had to go through three tiebreaker rounds and just missed advancing to the afternoon bracket by one question. Our team (Madison, Ethan, Isaac, Russell and Henry) went undefeated the whole day and came out as the regional champions of the Montana- Wyoming Regional Bowl. We took first place last year, but the national competition was held virtually.

Headed to Washington D.C.

Isaac: We are going to Washington, D.C., it is actually in person this year instead of online, which is great. All expenses are paid by the Department of Energy. Big shout out to them, which means food, all of our plane tickets, a really nice hotel and more. We are leaving on April 27th and we will come back May 1st. We will have lots of opportunities to visit the monuments and the Smithsonian, and we will compete against about 50 teams from across the nation in the academic competition.

Gold Trophy

Good Luck At Nationals And Congratulations!

This is the 10th year in a row that kids from North Middle School have won the competition.

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