Do We Really Want a Least Trusted Restaurant in Great Falls?

Do reviews sway you for products?  Regardless of what that product is, do you research it and follow the recommendations given by others?  Or do you just throw those out the window and go with your gut, which seems to be a better gauge?


I am half and half.  There are times when I have chosen a product with awesome reviews only to have it not be exactly what I thought it would be.  And vice versa, I have purchased something with horrible reviews to have it perform above and beyond expectations.

Montana Currently Has 3 of These Locations to Stop by At

According to a new survey by the Clarify Capitol website, people were asked about their least trusted businesses across America.  In the food category, one specific one rose to the top.  Panera Bread restaurants.

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20% of respondents said that Panera was their least trusted restaurant in the US.  Coming in for a close second were two other favorite franchises, those of Sonic and Chipotle Mexican Grill.  In Montana, Panera Bread has 3 locations, including Kalispell, Billings and Missoula.

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Should Great Falls Be Pursuing This for Our City?

One of the hottest topics occurring in Great Falls is that of food.  Or lack thereof in some cases.  Most of us would love more selection and variety of restaurants.  But is one that has been voted the least trusted what we want?

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If it does come, isn't supported and suddenly closes, will that affect other chains from considering our community?  Or are ratings just that, ratings, and everyone should just try it anyway?  Hit us up in the comments, or you can email me your thoughts here.

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