Robot An Innovative Way to Deter Deadly Attacks in Montana

As populations expand in our cities or the outlying areas, we start to invade the homes of our native animals.  Deer, elk, antelope, mountain lions and bears are all affected, including many others.

The dangers of this are immense, especially when encountering bears in the wild.  But they are getting dangerously close to our cities also, causing even more damage, and hastening the chance of encounters.

Japan Is Leading the Way in Innovation to Deter Bear Encounters

Being deployed currently, this robotic "monster wolf" is intended to help keep bears at their distance.  According to an article from Men's Journal, the monster wolf will:

emit a variety of realistic howls from its perch, complete with glowing red eyes, sharp fangs, and some fairly realistic fluttering fur. Its guttural utterances range from gunshots to a hunter’s voice and a dog’s bark.

The robot is motion-activated and will begin to move and makes sounds once it senses something within its area.  The design is inspired by the Japanese Wolf, which was hunted to extinction over 100 years ago.

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Could This Technology Be Applied Around Montana to Help with Grizzly Bears?

Across Montana there have been several reports of bears coming within or even in city limits of some of your surrounding areas.  Sun Prairie, Ulm, Vaughn and Lincoln all come to mind quickly.  Could these robots be deployed near these areas to help with keeping the grizzly at bay?

Check out the robotic wolf in action in this video:

Grizzly Bear & Bison Come to Blows in Yellowstone Brawl [pics + video]

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