Simple Hack for Food Safety in Montana Freezers

Have you ever been away from your home, only to return to find that the little clock on the stove or microwave is blinking at you?  Then having to come to the realization that your power has been out.  But for how long?


Thankfully with our power grid infrastructure, this isn't a huge common occurrence anymore.  But it still does happen, especially during our winter months when storms can knock that power out easily.

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This Simple, Easy Hack Can Safe Some Uncertainness For You

So, how long was that power out exactly?  It's tough to tell if you just walk in.  But there is a simple and easy hack that can help you determine just how long that power has been out and if it affected your food supply in the freezer.


Have you ever used the coin hack for your freezer?

Grab A Cup and a Coin, Let's Get You Set Up

At some point in time, you have been told not to re-freeze something that you took out of the coldness.  It can lead to harmful things happening to your food once it has been and lead to you being affected.

Try this hack to determine just how long that power has been out to your freezer.  Fill a cup with water and let it freeze.  Once done, place a coin of some denomination on the top of the ice.  That's it.

If your power goes out, check the coin in the cup to see if it has melted through to the bottom.  If so, your food probably has become contaminated and needs to be thrown out.  Simple, right?

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