It's Almost Time for This Summer Favorite in Great Falls

Warmer weather has made it hard to hit the grocery store as of late.  Or is it just me?  What I mean is, now that the temperature is starting to climb, my wants change at the store.  Now, it's harder than ever to walk by the ice cream aisle and not bring something home.


There are so many choices of ice cream or ice cream treats.  For myself, a scoop of mint chocolate chip will do the trick, or, if I feel like a real treat, I reach into the freezer for a Drumstick.  But now, I just learned that isn't really ice cream.  Really?

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Nope, That Isn't Milk by My Montana Standards

In a new report from Mashed Magazine, an investigation found that Drumsticks really aren't real ice cream.  The reason is simple.  Not enough milk fat content.  Instead, Drumsticks are made with coconut, palm, and soybean oils.

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There are even Tik Toc videos that have people posting showing how these won't even melt.  Without that milk fat content, they won't.  In fact, the USDA says that Drumsticks don't meet the qualifications to be ice cream.

Regardless, My Freezer Is Going to Be Full for Summer in Montana

Probably not the best thing to say, but as a person who has been eating these for a lot of years as a GenX'er, I'm still kicking.  Therefore, my freezer will indeed have these in them.  But there is more ice cream that I want.

Frosty of Montana Facebook Page
Frosty of Montana Facebook Page

The return of Mr. Frosty to the Electric City is coming soon.  The familiar ring of the music will be in our neighborhoods for summer starting on April 26th this year during the Montana Special Olympics in Great Falls.  Make sure to keep an eye out and some change handy to keep cool this summer.

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