All I really wanted for Christmas were records and record sleeves. I'll be real, I wanted those, and just to be around my family and friends which I got as well. Amongst the stocking stuffers and the usual socks and PJ bottoms, I got a mess of records this holiday season.

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As you saw in a previous article I'm an avid vinyl record collector, I love music, physical media and what ever comes with it, I'll link the article here for you to see some awesome records from my collection.

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This year I wanted to get some bucket list items for my collection. Not in any specific genre, but just stuff I've wanted for a long time.

A lot of things being issued on vinyl are usually in pre-order form. You pre-order a product and the company usually has a window for the sale. After said window of sale they make that many of a certain product and send them out. It helps with having too much or too little product. Some physical media goes into pre-order and stay there for months and months, so I put my Christmas list up MONTHS in advance so my presents arrive on time.

I got reissues of my favorite albums, and records to help complete discographies. Some of them have never been issued to vinyl until now, which excites me more.

Below, I have a gallery of all the records I've scored during the holiday season. I hope you like the gallery and I will enjoy listening.

Let me know on social media if you got some killer vinyl this year.

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