Most Of The Time, Money Is Worth Face Value

A dollar is worth a dollar, a quarter is worth 25 cents and a dime is worth 10 cents.

But sometimes, when the coin gods align, and you can score something really valuable just because you:

  1. Paid with cash (You don't see that every day in most places anymore.)
  2. Checked out your change
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There Are Roosevelt Dimes Out In The World Worth Between $9,000-$30,000

Bottom Line Inc. reports there were a few hundred of them minted in 1965.  Here's the story:

The US mint was going to switch from making silver Roosevelt dimes that were dated 1964, and make a metallic clad of cupronickel dimes (copper and nickel) dated 1965 on.

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While minting both the 1964 and 1965 dimes, an employee accidentally used a silver disk instead of the clad disk of cupronickel that should have been used, and there was a run of the silver 1965 Roosevelt dimes minted.

The 1965 Roosevelt Silver Dime Is Extremely Rare

It's estimated there are only a few hundred of these dimes in circulation.  Compared to the more than 1.6 billion metallic clad dimes circulated in 1965, that's exactly like finding a needle in a haystack.

Valuable dime 1965
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How Do You Know If You Have The Silver Roosevelt Dime?

Bottom Line Inc. suggests you take your 1965 Roosevelt dime and check the ridged edge.

  • If there is a strip of copper-brown around the dime, you have the clad cupronickel dime and it's worth ten cents
  • If you inspect the ridged edge and find no copper colored strip, just silver, you have just hit it big

They also suggest weighing the dimes.

  • The clad cupronickel Roosevelt dime weighs 2.27 grams before circulation
  • The silver Roosevelt dime weighs 2.50 grams before circulation

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Keep in mind, any coin in circulation becomes worn, loses metal and weighs less.

The amount of money you'll get for the silver Roosevelt dime does depend on the condition of the coin.

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