What Animal In Montana Is Responsible For The Most Human Fatalities?

A lot of times in Montana, when we talk about dangerous animals that will kill you, we're all talking about bears, moose, elk, bobcats, wolves and bison.  However, those are not the animals with the most kills under their belts.

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What? Wait.  There Is An Animal More Dangerous Than A Grizzly Or Bison?

There is.  This adorable killer lurks everywhere under the big sky of Montana.  They can be found in Glacier National Park and Yellowstone National Park.  This enduring murderer lurks at lakes, reservoirs and rivers in the Treasure State.  Sometimes this darling little serial killer lives right in town.

Still guessing as to which animal kills the most humans in Montana every year?

Serial Killer Deer in Montana
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Deer.  Deer Kill More Montanans Than Any Other Animal

According to Helena Air the number one animal to kill humans in Montana is a deer.  From the Great Falls Tribune, in 2020, there were around 200 people killed every year due to a car wreck with a deer.

They said in the Tribune article that " Hitting a deer is almost a rite of passage for most Montana drivers. National statistics back that up." There is no arguing that fact.

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Right now in Montana, according to Car and Driver, every Montana driver has a 1 in 52 chance of hitting a deer.  The only state where it's said to be worse than Montana is West Virginia where drivers have a 1 in 43 chance of colliding with a deer.

Deer on the road montana

What can you do to avoid hitting a deer? Not much.  According to Car and Driver, do not swerve right or left.  Even in the hitting-a-deer-panic, they suggest taking your foot off the gas and going straight.  That way, even if you do end up hitting the deer, the chances are much less for a collision with another vehicle.

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