This summer will be full of fun and adventure once you can escape the city and get out the forest for some camping.

Montana camping season is also a time where our wonderful furry friends the bear like to come out and play as well. For the most part, Human and bear worlds live in harmony with each other.

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Sometimes our paths cross in a campground or hiking in the cut. They mostly go about their business unless it's nighttime or a mama bear has her cubs.

There are steps we can take to keep bears at bay, because if they don't have a reason to interact with humans, they usually will choose not to with the exception of some male black bears.

The Montana Fish, Wildlife, and Parks have information about bear attractants, precautions, food safety, etc.

Food Safety:

 -Plan meals that are less
odorous, easy to store &
properly sized to avoid

-Suspended at least 10 feet vertically above the ground & 4
feet horizontally from the trunk of a tree or other upright sup-
port which a bear could climb. Cutting, limbing, nailing into or
otherwise damaging trees and/or constructing a fixed device

-Keep cooking(firepits)/eating &
food storage 100 yards
from sleeping/tenting

Hiking and camping:

-Carry Bear spray.

-Scan the area for bear

-Keep children close

-Hike with a group, never

-Make noise as you go

-Never run from a bear.

One also needs to know what different bears look like, Montana FWP has a simple diagram one can look at to distinguish between a black bear and a grizzly bear.

Montana Fish, Wildlife and Parks
Montana Fish, Wildlife and Parks

Montana Fish, Wildlife and Parks have a dedicated staff to help with everything bears in Montana called Bear Managers, they have pretty much all the answers you need to help keep you and our furry friends safe and sound.

Have fun this summer in the Montana wilderness!

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