Today is the first day of the work week for daylight saving time this year and it made me think about how people take advantage of having an extra hour of sunlight.

We all know the ways our farmers and ranchers use the extra time to get their much needed work done, but it also helps people that are not on the pasture as well.

Take me for example, I'm not on the farm or ranch doing things. I'm in an office I get to work in the morning, I feel like I need that extra Vitamin D during the the day to help with my body and brain function. I do take supplements on occasion but I feel like regular old sunlight does the trick a little better than just a pill.

Seasonal affect disorder is definitely a thing that I did not consider until recently, but when the sun decides to come back to our side of the planet in the spring I feel a difference. I feel it in my bones, muscles, and brain.


There has been a reintroduction of The Sunshine Protection Act by Marco Rubio. According to Time in an online article, it passed with flying colors last year in the senate and stalled in The House.

Hopefully this time it will go all the way through to the big guy's desk, I feel like we can make this a permanent situation and farmers work in the dark anyway.

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