In Montana, Is It The Law To Report If You're In A Vehicle Accident?

I was raised to report every accident that wasn't at my home. Apparently, that's not really necessary in Montana.

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What Vehicle Accidents Must Be Reported In Montana?

According to AFJ Law Firm, here are the guidelines for accidents to report in Big Sky Country:

  • If someone was injured
  • If someone was killed
  • If the accident causes $1,000 or more in property damage
Montana accident

AFJ Law Firm goes on to add that a police report can help you with your claims of injury or claims to damage done to your vehicle, as it is evidence.

I still feel that best practice is to be honest about every vehicle accident.

  • Injuries can sometimes take a while to manifest themselves
  • It is a legal document that can help with everything from insurance claims to who is legally responsible for the accident
  • There is an immediate record of vehicle damage
  • Doing the right thing is always the right thing to do

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How Long Do You Have To Legally Report An Accident In Montana?

Montana car accident

Montana Code Annotated 2023 states:

You have Ten days (10) to report the accident, IF it wasn't reported to law enforcement at the scene of the accident. This law is in place to help drivers do the right thing.  Sometimes an injury will cause someone to have to leave the scene. It's best to get your statement into the police as soon as possible so that your side of the story is a matter of record.

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