There Is A Ride Service In Great Falls For The Disabled And Elderly

This ride service is available all over the United States. My mother, who will be 80 years old on July 4, has used this service for 5 or more years to get to her doctor appointments. Where my mom lives, many residents rely on this service.

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The way it works is the person books a ride through the service.  When they arrive to pick up their client, they go inside and call the client to let them know they've arrived. (They are often not there when expected, so people don't go down to the front and wait.) The client comes down from their apartment, and the client is taken wherever they need to go.

They also offer rides back for their clients.  My mom has waited as long as 4 hours for a return home ride, and I've never said a word.

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Things Changed Yesterday

Mom has been waiting to see her doctor for 3 months.  She talks about it all the time and booked her ride way out to make sure she could keep the appointment.

They called my mom and told her they were there.  Mom said "I'm putting on my shoes and I'll be right down."  (She lives on the other end of the building on another floor.  They know that and they've always waited for mom.)

When mom got downstairs, she found they had left.  No call.  Just left.

Mom called them and they informed her that the company policy was to not come in any buildings anymore and they would only wait 5 minutes.

I'd Like To Stress Again, They Serve The Elderly And The Handicapped

Mom missed her appointment, and can't get into that doctor until the beginning of 2025.  She's nearly 80, and she really needed that appointment.

They Serve The Elderly And The Handicapped

So it's knees up and hustle when that ride gets there, right?

I'll tell you right now that I can put up with a lot of things when it comes to me personally, but when it comes to my mom, my kids and my grand kids, LOOK OUT.

They blew Mom off, so they got a call from me. (It takes a lot to make me snap. But when I DO snap (and I snapped) I am not what you'd call pleasant.)

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This Ride Service Essentially Told Me And My Elderly Mom To Get Bent

This manager of a ride service that serves the disabled and the elderly, said it's always been the policy.

I said mom had used the service for years and that's never happened. I asked why they didn't inform their customers that they would be enacting this policy they'd never followed for years prior.

That bastion of compassion repeated it was company policy and offered to send me their manual.

I think it's something you need to know, as this service "helps" hundreds of people.  If someone you love counts on them you should look into it.

Keep in mind they have ZERO qualms about leaving people at the doctors office for HOURS after their appointment and ZERO qualms about leaving them when they say they are there to give them a rides.

One More Thing Of Note

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I ran into a homeless woman who was having a mental health crisis in front of Target yesterday.

She had recently been released from a hospital, and had nowhere to go.  I'm not mad at any hospital for this or anything like that.  I want to make it clear that it was EASY to see the hospital had done everything they could for her before she left.

I did everything I could for her, but it wasn't much.

What I wish for, is a safe place to bring someone who is in that state.  My god.  May we never be in the position that woman was in yesterday.  Just released from the hospital, nowhere to go, and in crisis.

I can't stop thinking of her.

I know things like that are hard to put together and cost a mint to maintain. I just wish somehow we could do something like that in Great Falls.

Thanks for coming to my shame on you ride service that "helps" the elderly and disabled Ted Talk. Told you.

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