One of the most beautiful things you can see in early summer in Glacier Park are the over one thousand variety of wildflowers.

What Is A Wildflower?

From  The flower of a plant that normally grows in fields, forests, etc., without deliberate cultivation.

What Are Some of The Wildflowers In Glacier National Park?

There are literally thousands of different wildflowers in the park.  A lot of what you'll see depends on the time of the year and the altitude you're at where you're looking.

The spring brings Lupine and groundcover.  As the year progresses you'll see Bear Grass everywhere, Indian Paintbrush, Lewis Monkeyflowers, Queen's Cup Beadlily, Fleabane Daisies, and Leafy Aster along the trails and many, many more different varieties.

When Can You See The Most Wildflowers?

General consensus seems to be late June to early July.

Where Can You See The Wildflowers?

Some emerge as the snow is melting.  Some flowers don't show off their beauty until later summer.  Some only bloom in either higher elevations or lower elevations.

Best bet is keep your camera ready no matter what part of the park you're in.  High or low, early spring, late summer, they're everywhere.

Can I Bring Wildflowers Home With Me?

Absolutely not.  The only legal way to bring a wildflower home with you is in a picture.  Make sure you have your best camera with a great lens to bring all of the beauty of the wild home with you from your Glacier Park vacation.

I thought it would be fun to have a guide to identify the flowers you see this year in the park.

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