I Am A Proud Graduate Of Great Falls High School, Class of 1986

Being an alumni to such an historic school is such an honor.  If you think of it, thousands and thousands of Montana kids have wandered those halls. Everywhere you look, history.  There are a lot of cool features that students have left as a legacy of their tenure, and another is under construction.

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Great Falls High Students Building Memorial Alumni Walkway

Right now, Great Falls High Alumni have a chance to leave a personal, lasting legacy with a new Memorial Alumni Walkway between Memorial Stadium and Great Falls High School's famous-to-the-students Senior Stairs.

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For just $40, you can leave a lasting legacy at the historic high school. The coolest part being that current students are working on the project.

Click here then scroll down the page to order your alumni brick.

Trivia About The Walkway And Great falls High School

KRTV got this information from Great Falls High School:

  • Students of Great Falls High are etching the bricks
  • The earliest year sold is from a graduate in 1924
  • The latest brick is a gift for a grand child that will graduate in 2032
  • There have been more than 38,000 graduates of Great Falls High School since 1893
  • It's an on-going project, so bricks will be added as they're sold
Great Falls High School Great Falls Montana Alumni Walkway bricks
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I know for sure I'll be buying one to share with my high school bestie so we can leave our lasting mark on the high school long after we're gone.

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Again, if you'd like to get your brick, click here, then scroll down the page.

Go Bison!

Check out some shots before the first bricks were installed ⏬⏬⏬

Great Falls High School Alumni Brick Walkway, Great Falls, Montana

Great Falls High School Alumni Brick Walkway

Gallery Credit: Tammie Toren

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