It's Almost Time For Spring Planting In Montana

One of my favorite things in the world is gardening. There's just nothing quite like the smell of good dirt, and the beauty of growing your own food and flowers. It's magical.

Garden Centers Around Great Falls Are Opening

It's so exciting that our garden centers are opening for the season. There are plenty of places to buy plants for the season, but there is just something about a place that only sells plants and gardening items.  We have 2 nurseries here in Great Falls run by local families that are outstanding for quality.

We'll talk hours and location, then my favorite from each.

Planting flowers montana

Flower Farm, Great Falls, Montana

Flower Farm is open Monday through Saturday 9-5 and Sunday 10-4 at 1500 5th Street Southwest.

The Flower Farm has been helping beautify Great Falls for around 40 years.  They offer a very impressive selection of annuals, perennials, and vegetables along with fun items for your garden like pots and benches. You can also pick up plenty of premade baskets and hanging baskets.

My must-haves from the Flower Farm: tomatoes.  They have quite a variety to choose from. Color spots. They have an amazing selection.

Bundi Gardens, Great Falls, Montana

Bundi Gardens is open year round Monday through Friday.  They're opening for the spring season May 1. The hours are Monday through Saturday 9-6 and Sunday 10-4.

Bundi Gardens has been beautifying Great Falls since 1986.  You can pick up annuals, perennials, vegetables.  They also have an impressive selection of baskets and hanging baskets.  The family is always willing to answer any plant questions you have.

Must haves from Bundi Gardens: Herbs.  They have a great selection of herbs.  This is the place for black Pansies.  They look like velvet and add a very unique look to flower beds and pots.  I'm always so bummed when I miss them for the season.

planting vegetables montana

Other Great Falls Garden Centers To Mention

Ace Hardware: Hands-down the best place for peppers.  It's a very small garden center so get there early for the best selection.

North 40: I love them for big, healthy Basil plants.  Again, get there early in the season for the best selection.

Headed To Conrad? Do NOT Miss Maria's Greenhouse

Maria's Greenhouse is small but mighty.  Some of the healthiest plants in Central Montana can be found at this little gem just outside of Conrad at 264 Eagle Drive. Maria's opens for the season on April 26.

Here are some ideas for your Montana Garden:

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