As we are our way to the memorial day weekend, we have fun and relax for a few days off of work together with our friends and family grilling and hanging out, We should take a second to remember what Memorial day is all about.

Remembering those who have fallen in our military in years past.


It seems like a given, but I myself had to remember what the holiday is all about. I was visiting with my grandfather, A retired Master Sargent in the United States Air Force and a veteran of two foreign wars, both Korea and Vietnam.

He was talking about what he was going to do that day. At the ripe old age of 87, he plans on heading out to various auxiliaries in surrounding towns participating in gun salutes, detailing graves and sharing memories with people he's been celebrating with since his retirement in 1976.

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One thing that made me remember what the holiday is all about is a story he surprisingly has never told of his service.

He and another friend and fellow service member of his made a pact one day while still in the service, they promised each other that whom ever died first, the remaining person promised to take care of the others grave every Memorial Day by clearing debris and replacing flags.

My grandfather ended up surviving and he always cleans his brother's grave and stakes a fresh flag in the earth.


This sort of thing is very important for my grandfather and many others on this day, every year without fail he wakes up and sets out on his journey with flags and flowers in hand for his fallen brothers and sisters.

As my grandpa always says,

When you join the military, you join the biggest family in the world.

Every year, he tries his very best to make sure they are all remembered.

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