Ghost Towns Are Abundant In Montana

Montana has a rich history of being a part of the gold rush in the wild west. Beginning in the late 1850's, miners, cowboys and working girls flocked to Big Sky Country to find their fortunes. Back then, the Montana landscape was much more range and much less town.

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In fact, where gold showed up, a town, or towns soon followed. When the gold was tapped out, these mining towns would very often be abandoned. These boomtowns are scattered throughout Montana standing as a testament to the days that gold, silver, copper, and zinc were king.

Old Church Montana
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Some Montana Ghost Towns Are Thriving Tourist Destinations

Virginia City and Nevada City, for example, are must-stops on any Montana adventure.  You'll find all of the fun of a ghost town with modern day amenities.

There are several Montana ghost towns that are alone on the prairie, nestled high in the hills, standing as a tribute to the earliest days of Montana, goldminers and cowboys.

The Age Of The Copper King

From Wikipedia:

With mining taking center stage in Montana in the 1800's, there was one metal that reigned supreme during the Gilded Age in Montana, copper.

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The Copper Kings of Montana are: Marcus Daly, William A. Clark, James A. Murray and F. Augustus Heinze.  Although most of their fighting was done in and around Butte, their influence was felt all over America.

Montana Gold Miners

What Are Some Of The Most Notable Ghost Towns In Montana?

It's hard to give one preference over another, so here's a gallery of some of the most  significant ghost towns in Montana.  Let us know if you visit any of them.

Montana's Most Popular Ghost Towns

Montana's Most Popular Ghost Towns

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