Is Montana Going Through Lockdown Nostalgia?

Have you heard of Lockdown Nostalgia?


What Is Lockdown Nostalgia?

Lockdown Nostalgia is remembering how things were in March/April of 2020.  Nobody knew what was going on.  The wear masks/don't wear masks wasn't a thing and neither was ivermectin. Nobody was saying you would die from the vaccine or would die if you didn't get the vaccine.

It was too early for those shenanigans.  In the early lockdown it was all about Tiger King, TikTok, and gourmet meals.


We spent our time cheering for doctors and nurses, doing drive by parades for birthdays and actually going out of our way to be nice to each other.

And did I mention that Americans, in particular low income Americans, made enough money in that tiny little disease window, to figure out they hadn't rested in years. It was just enough time for belittled workers around the world to say, "No more, pay me or I'll go somewhere that will."  That is, hands-down, my favorite thing that came of the pandemic.  Then grocery delivery is a fast second.


I'll Admit, The Pandemic Didn't Change My Lifestyle Much

People think radio announcers are these people that walk around yelling "Look at me!" "Hey, I'm here, have you seen ME?".  They couldn't be more wrong.  I'd say 60-70 percent of my fellow announcers are just the opposite of that.

So, when the world says, "You Can't Do This:"

  • No concerts
  • No going to events like rodeos or car shows etc.
  • No hanging out at someone's house with strangers
  • No visiting elderly
  • etcetera etcetera etcetera.

I'm down for that.

As scary as a pandemic was, those things were right up my alley. I usually only go to concerts and events that I have to work.  I am not a person who finds joy around people.  I do not need to see or talk to someone daily to feel whole.  (I learned in my quarantine that I can EASILY go a week without human contact as long as I have internet and food. After that, I like hearing how my kids and mom are.) Ask my family, the rule of thumb is Sunday is my alone day.  My family doesn't even get a hold of me unless it's out of the ordinary.

I Halfway Understand This Lockdown Nostalgia

So many times I long for the day that I didn't have to go to an event like in 2020.  Then I remember my friends that died.  I had 2 friends actually die of Covid here in Great Falls, that were right around my age, and the 5sih or so others that weren't close to me, but they were close to someone I care about. Not cool.  I'm reminded of the refrigerated trucks to hold all of the dead bodies. I think back to people who think it's the apocalypse, and what do they hoard? Not water, not flour.  Toilet Paper.  Remember how hard it was to get your hands on decent toilet paper?


Lockdown Nostalgia? As nice as some things were, remember the price was paid in lives lost around the world.

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