Updated at 12:50pm November 1, 2023

From a co-worker at Cat Country in Billings who's mom works at a gas station in Miles City, they were sold out by around 10:30 this morning.  I liked the math he worked out, so I wanted to share:

They sold 380,000 tickets so fast... how fast exactly?

76,000 tickets PER HOUR.

1,266 tickets PER MINUTE.

21 tickets PER SECOND.

To all who have tickets, may the odds be forever in your favor!

It's almost time to get your Montana Millionaire tickets!

Tickets for the 2023 contest go on sale at 5:30am on November 1st all across the state at most gas stations, convenience stores, grocery stores and other Montana Lottery retailers.

Montana Lottery
Montana Lottery

2022 Was A Big Year For Montana Millionaire

According to Public Gaming, Scott Sales, Montana Lottery Director said,

Montanans sent a clear message: They love Montana Millionaire and want every opportunity to play, An incremental change wouldn’t be enough, so we’ve gone all in with the biggest increase to the number of tickets we’ve ever done, plus another $1 million grand prize.

The Montana Lottery only sells a certain amount of the twenty dollar Montana Millionaire tickets, and last year, tickets to the popular lottery were sold out in just 29 hours.


There Are More Tickets Available To Players This Year

Last year, there were 280,000 tickets available.  Due to the incredible response to the lottery, this year they are making 380,000 tickets available.  There are more prizes, as well.

This year, there are 3 one million dollar prizes up for grabs instead of the usual two one million dollar prizes.

In addition to the 3 one million dollar prizes, players can play for two Early Bird prizes:  November 24th, there will be a drawing for $25,000 and on Friday, December 15, there will be a drawing for $100,000.  Plus, 4,100 instant win tickets worth $100 or $500 each.


The grand prize drawing for 3 one million dollar prizes will be held on Tuesday, December 26th.

In 2022, the two grand prize million dollar tickets were sold in Butte and Great Falls.

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