Montana Ranked Number One State For Starting Your Own Business

If you're looking to start your own business, Montana is the place to be.

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Financial Channel published some results of a survey done by Akounto decided to rate every state in America using these factors:

  • Corporate tax rate
  • Business filing fees
  • Private sector establishment closure rate
  • Monthly commercial energy bills
  • Average household income
  • Number of workers aged 16-64
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Montana Scored The Highest

There were 75 points possible and Montana scored a 63.47.  Montana has an average commercial energy bill of 382.07 a month, the 4th lowest in America.  That means new business owners can save nearly $3,000 their first year.  The LLC filing fee is 93 percent below the national average at just $35 and the yearly LLC fee is just $20. Some states the LLC fee can be $800 a year.

One of the biggest selling points is our low unemployment rate.  In Montana, over 75% of people 16-64 have jobs. Even though we see people complain about it all the time, the employment rate is an indications of a healthy recruitment pool.

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How Can I Start A Business In Montana?

I found some checklists on line that make it a lot easier. has a pretty nice checklist from start to finish to get you on the right track. It starts with defining a business concept to getting your business bank account.

Montana specifically has one page with every website you need to know to get your small Montana business off the ground.  I was pleasantly surprised to see all of this valuable information in one place.

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