Wednesday, April 10, 2024 Was A Big Day In Conrad, Montana

Wait, Whoop-up isn't until June and there are no holidays to speak of this week, so what's going on?

The Main Drive-In Opened


When you live in a small town, when your seasonal drive-in opens it's big news all over town.

I saw posts on Facebook that said things like:

  • All my plans are cancelled for the day.  I have important business at the Main Drive In.
  • Main Drive-In is open and awesome!! 
  • Happy Opening Day!

And on and on and on.

Most Small Towns Don't Have A Lot Of Restaurants

It's a pretty big deal in Conrad, Shelby, Lewistown, Livingston, and others when another restaurant is open for a few months.

I can personally attest that the Main Drive-In is delicious.  The food is great, but days like today make me wonder, does it taste that much better because we've been without it for so dang long?  Not this winter, but most Montana winters are long and hard and a good shake and a burger eaten in your car, is hard to find.

Plus, bonus, you know all the car-hops.  Either they're high school kids you know from around town, or car-hops that make sure they can return to the restaurant every season.

The Main Drive In (Tastee Freeze back then) was my second ever job.  Being a car hop keeps you on your toes.  You get into epic shape.  You get to see everyone around town because it's the cool place to be in the summer, and finally, you get to wear one of those super sweet change dispensers. I made enough tips that summer to pay for my class ring (SWEET) and keep my car gassed up all summer.  It was THE BEST.

Changemaker montana

Get Your Summer Montana Drive-In On

Where can you find drive-ins for that summer feeling in Montana?  I found quite a few.  If I missed your SMALL TOWN drive-in, let me know here and I'll add it to the gallery.

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