Ready to grab a cup of tea and read about the latest food recall?

On second thought, hold off on the tea.

Over 900,000 Bags Of Tea Recalled Due To Pesticide Residue

From Food and Wine:

In March, East West Tea Company recalled over 54,000 boxes of their Yogi tea bags.  The tea bags were distributed all over the United states.  The FDA said the recall is due to pesticide residues that are above safe levels.

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The boxes are Organic Yogi Echinacea Immune Support.

yogi tea recall
 Food and Wine reports these are the UPC and Lot Numbers to look for:
"UPC: 0 76950 45010 3. The recalled lot numbers include the following: #0000184330, #0000184853, #0000185098, #0000185100, #0000185383, #0000185385, #0000185387, #0000185389, #0000185434, #0000185436, #0000185828, #0000185830, #0000185832, #0000186519, #0000186521, #000184062, #0000186900, #0000186902, #0000186904, #0000187357, #0000187359, #0000187400, #0000187402, #0000187769, #0000188028, #0000188030, #0000188045, #0000188114, #0000186600, #0000186910, #0000187155, #0000184691, #0000184963, #0000185381, and #0000185518."

It's A Class III Recall From The FDA

Basically, that means that if you've had a cup or two of this tea you should probably be fine, BUT, stop drinking it.

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It isn't listed as to what pesticide is in it, how it got there or what level the pesticides are at.  Basically, it says to throw the tea away.

Don't Throw Them Away, Take It Back For A Refund

The more we just throw out defective products, the less the company making those products care about quality because it doesn't affect their bottom line.

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The only way to make most companies care about the quality of their product or the effect it has on the general public is to hold them financially responsible when they sell defective items.  The way to do that, return it to the store you bought it from.

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