Last week, I talked about Netflix's upcoming crackdown on password sharing.  Well, it's begun, but hasn't arrived in the US just yet.  Instead, our neighbors to the north got it.

This week, Netflix rolled out their new approach in four countries:  Canada, Spain, Portugal, and New Zealand.

Here's what we know now, courtesy of Netflix's announcement, so we know what we can expect when it hits the US.

When this takes effect, Netflix subscribers will have to set a "primary location" for their account, where most of the devices that access Netflix will be located, and therefore, most of the watching will take place.

We also now have a sneak peek at how much this could cost to keep sharing the accounts.  Netflix customers who pay for the Standard or Premium tiers will have the option of paying to add a "sub-account" for people that don't live at the primary location.  Standard tiers could add one sub-account, while Premium can have two.

Now for the important question:  What's the cost?  For Canadian customers, $7.99 per extra person per month.  When this hits the US, that will probably what they want to charge us as well.

For reference, the Standard tier is currently $15.49 per month, and Premium is $19.99 per month.

They've also rolled out a feature that will let someone with a profile on someone else's account move it to an account of their own.  For example, my sister has a profile on my account.  If my sister decides to get her own Netflix account as a result of this, she can move her profile over and keep her recommendations, watch history, and more.

There no announcement as of yet for when this will hit the US, so we still have some time.

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