You can take the Montana girl out of the small town, but you can't take the small town out of the Montana girl.  But that doesn't mean I can't learn something about my small town.

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Conrad, Montana Is Home To The Oldest Continually Operating Soda Fountain In The State Of Montana

Olson's Drug Conrad Montana
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Olson's Drug (Formerly Pondera Drug) on 4th Avenue Southeast is home to the soda fountain.

If I've shopped there once, I've shopped there a thousand times.

That's the pharmacy that my dad always had his prescriptions filled.  Plus, if you need a gift, it's one of the 3 places I'd go in Conrad: Olson's Drug, Village Drug or Windrift Hill.  You can't go wrong with a gift from any of those stores.

When You Walk In, Turn Left

You can't miss the soda fountain, it's right in front of the store.

The soda fountain is pristine, and really takes you back in time.  According to my parents, it's been basically the same for as long as they could remember.

Conrad And The Highline Residents Love It To This Day

In one of my Facebook groups, people have been sharing their memories of this soda fountain for the past few days.

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It looks like Marshmallow Coke is what you need to order when you go.  So many people said that was their favorite thing to get while they're there. I'm a chocolate coke girl and don't have much of a taste for marshmallows, so I'm taking their word for it.

If you stop into Olson's Drug, you should snap a pic of what you have a the fountain and send it to me.

Conrad, Montana

A tour of Conrad, Montana

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