May 2024 Spring Storm Wreaked Havoc On Our Montana Power Grid

Honestly, I was shocked at the things that were happening due to the spring storm of May 8 in Montana.  In Great Falls, the weather was kind of icky, but we were barely hit with anything in town.

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When I got home and started looking at the news and social media sites, I realized how big of a bullet Great Falls dodged.  There were power outages in Great Falls, but not everywhere.

It's An All-Hands-On Deck Situation For NorthWestern Energy

Nw Energy mt outage map
Northwest Energy May 9 2024 12:50pm// Canva

Just look at all the places across the state without power.  For clarity:

  • Purple marks equal 1 to 50 customers
  • Green marks (not a bell) equal 51-400 Customers
  • A bell means the outage has been repaired

From The NorthWestern Energy Facebook Page:

Here's How Long The Power Is Expected To Be Out Around Montana:

Also from the Northwestern Energy Facebook page, I was able to get when and where power has been restored and estimates for when they think power will be restored throughout the state:

Thursday, May 9, 2024

  • Ulm area
  • Belt area
  • Crag area
  • Stockett area
  • Raynsford area
  • Moore area
  • Rural White Sulphur Springs
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Friday, May 10, 2024

  • Geyser area
  • Utica area
  • Rural Stanford

Estimated Out, At Least, Through The Weekend Of May 11 and 12, 2024

  • Monarch area
  • Neihart area
Be sure to check NorthWestern Energy’s Outage Map for the most up to date information.  You can find the outage map clicking here.

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A Big Thank You To The Technicians and Service Workers At NorthWestern Energy

Thank you for all you do.  Stay safe.

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