What constitutes a scary town? What does it make it scary for you?

Involving ghouls, specters, or ghosts?


Urban or rural legends involving ghost towns, old abandoned prisons or parts of a forests? Maybe it's a town, community, or communities of people that individuals witness from an outside source.


Montana has many places and towns within it's nooks and crannies of the forest, plains and places in the middle of nowhere where people either visit on vacation, move to, or deliver goods and services from a far away location. Some enter town just to fill up on gas, deliver goods, or are just there and feel completely out of place whether that be just a feeling they can't explain, or the locals verbally warn them or just use off-putting  body language.

Someone asked about scariest towns in Montana on Reddit.

Scariest Towns in MT?
by u/Small_Advertising122 in Montana

A great deal of people talk about the bigger towns like Billings, and Bozeman where a bigger population can certainly involve scary or nefarious people or groups. However, sometimes the smaller areas that are not visited so much can hide a little bit more of something to be afraid of.

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On the other side of the same coin, what seems creepy on the outside, may be a harmless, misunderstood place where all you have to do is hang around a bit.

As a Montanan, I do get these vibes in certain places. Maybe it only happens when I'm looked at in a funny way and I look down at my phone and see I have no bars. I'm not sure, it could be that I've watched too many horror movies with a wild imagination.

Nevertheless, Take a look at the gallery below to see what people say about there weird times in Montana town that seem scary to them.

Scary Towns In Montana According To Reddit

Towns in Montana to beware of according to Reddit.