There was a recent post put on Reddit that may be the epitome of one of two phrases depending on the way you look at this highway mess up witnessed in Montana during the summer.

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Take a look at this Reddit post.

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It seems as though a road crew were repainting some lines or putting fresh ones down and no one bothered to remove what appears to be a cow pie or some sort of deification on the road.


There are two phrases that come to mind when I see this:

"Not My Job."


"You Had One Job."

As funny as this looks, does this mean that some one didn't care to move the pile or just didn't see it?

I've seen a number of different construction and road work mishaps in Montana. At one point someone misspelled 'stop' in a lane in Havre, as well as seeing a number of digital road signs hacked to say something funny.

For this instance, I feel like it was the perfect storm of both phrases in attempt to get a job done on a highway in a fast manner.

Whatever the case may be, after the seasons change with the rain, snow and wind, one may be able to spot this little hiccup in the road and have a quiet, childish laugh to themselves knowing why the lines don't connect.

Did you take that picture? Do you know where that is at? Let us know in the comments on social media.

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