If you read the comments on the Instagram post below, you may be thinking the same things as these people.



"Someone stole spoons?? Whaaaaat???"

Yes, a Missoula restaurant has taken to social media because they have to ask for their spoons back. And it's not because people are taking one here and one there. It was 6,000 spoons.

As they mention above, the spoons were delivered to SoupFarm last week. I'm guessing the spoons were in a delivery box and the thief didn't know they were stealing spoons--maybe they thought something else was in the box. Then again, maybe they did know. Either way, not cool.

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It's a real bummer with Missoula businesses have to make calls on social media like this. A few months ago, Catalyst Cafe and Espresso posted on social media about the fourth time someone had vandalized their business in an unusual way.

Back in November of 2022, Orange Street Food Farm was having trouble with shopping carts that were going missing. When we spoke Vanessa Hendrix, the manager, she talked about how expensive each shopping cart was, noting that they were missing thousands of dollars worth of shopping carts.

I tried to approximate how much the 6,000 spoons might cost to replace. I looked up a restaurant utensil wholesaler and did some math. 12 spoons a case and $5.03 per case comes to $2,515 for 6,000 soup spoons if my math's right.

Their request in the Instagram post asking for the spoons to be returned is nicer than I would have been if I were a business owner and lost that much merchandise.

Will whoever took the spoons please return them to the Soup Farm?

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