Some big companies have been announcing changes recently to the way they are doing business. Wendy's announced they may be experimenting with "surge pricing", after there was a lot of backlash, they backtracked on that message. Walmart has been making news with their experimenting with some stores going 100% "self-checkout".

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Well, Walmart is not only experimenting with checkouts, they are also looking at ways to get people to spend more time in their stores. One of the ways they are looking to achieve this is by the use of food courts.

According to, Walmart has already rolled out a testing store in Pennsylvania. Walmart is offering "patrons the choice between eight different restaurants serving wings, barbecue, burritos and so much more."

Walmart is looking to expand the food courts to at least 25 stores across the nation this year. There is no word on if Montana will be on the initial roll out of the 25 stores. If this is something that is successful for these Walmart stores, it shouldn't be too long before we see these food courts pop up in stores across Montana.

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In the meantime, Walmart announced earlier this year a partnership with Uncle Sharkii restaurants that specialize in poke bowls. As of now, the poke bars have been showing up in California Walmart stores. With this partnership, they are looking to roll out their poke bowl bars to the rest of the country. Montana may see Uncle Sharkii food in Walmart before we see a food court, but either way Walmart is making changes that may show up in our Montana stores one day in the near future.

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