Hey, we can all talk about this like mature adults, right? We all do it. Some more than others but we all poop.

Isn't there a book called Everyone Poops? Men, women, and everyone in between do it, so let's talk about it. Don't be weird about it, sheesh!

I stumbled across a map and study conducted by a group called All American Waste Services Inc., a coast-to-coast company that provides rentable port-a-potties (so I think they know a thing or two about poop). The survey asked over 1,200 people nationwide, in every state "How often do you poop?"

(Are you grossed out yet? Have you stopped reading?)

Montanans did not grade out well in number of poops per day. In fact, Montana ranked 49th in the entire nation with an average of 1.233 poops per day.

(I can't believe I'm using my journalism degree to write about how often we're pooping).

The only state ranked below us was Missouri with 1.131 poops per day. Only two states averaged over two poops per day - Michigan was number one (lol) averaging 2.182 poops per day and our neighbors to the west Idaho checked in number two (lol... get it?) with 2.177 poops every day. New Jersey, Iowa and Vermont rounded out the top 5. Full rankings are found below.

Second place, Idaho! Whoop Whoop!
byu/WhatTheFlippityFlop inIdaho

What's going on Montana? We need to step up our game because digestive health is important, I think, so head to your local Albertson's or Walgreens to purchase your fiber supplements. Cut back on dairy, eggs and high-processed foods. Or you can be like most other Americans and adhere to a coffee-strict diet. That usually does the trick.

Ok, I'm grossed out and don't want to write any more about pooping.

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