We all have fond memories of our hometowns and the places we great up. Some of the memories are associated with our childhood friends and places we used to hang out, while others have to do with certain scents that drifted during the air on a hot summer day.

Smelling Flowers
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Personally, there are two scents that I think of when I think of my hometown. I'll never forget the smell of sagebrush during the spring, or the smell of the sugar beet factory when my family would take a drive out in the country.

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I grew up in Idaho, and you'd think potatoes would be number one, but they don't really smell like much but dirt. Depending on where you grew up, the answer will be different. We decided to ask our listeners the following question and received some interesting responses.

If they made a candle that smelled like your hometown, what would it smell like?

According to an article published by Nature, smell is deeply involved in the things that we remember. Whenever I smell burnt toast, I think of my grandmother. We all have certain things that we remember based on smell.


Montanans Share Most Memorable Hometown Scents

We want to thank everyone that took the time to leave a comment on our radio station's Facebook page. Here are some of the responses we received.

Rob said;

A feedlot.

Joyce said;

Baked beans.

Annique said;

Unfortunately marijuana.....Bozeman has gone to hell and doesn't look to be coming back to it's senses anytime soon.

Sherry said,

I don't think you want to smell Los Angeles.

LaTisha said;


Steph said;

Pine Trees.

Malerie said;

Tacoma’Aroma- hints of dirty diaper, marine, and smog.

Tara said;

White Sulpher Springs, Montana. Not a good candle.

If your hometown was a candle scent, what would it smell like? Send us an app chat on our station app and let us know!

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