If you go looking for seats in the 200 level at Washington Grizzly Stadium next fall you may find a "members only" sign.

That's because Grizzly Athletics is going to add another section of "premium seating" for fans during University of Montana football games this fall.

The school announced yesterday it was setting aside a new section of seats in the Missoula stadium to be known as the "Grizzly Den". The idea is to offer "members only" features including the ability to take alcohol back to your seat to watch the game.

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That addresses a question that's been kicked around the past few years. Some fans have wondered whether alcohol consumption should be separated into individual sections.

The Grizzly Dean will offer members some of the prime seats in Washington-Grizzly, located on the 200 level on the east side of the stadium. Those are seats that won't be open to the general public. In addition to a bar serving beer, wine, and seltzers, the new section will give members access to restrooms and private concessions.

Prices for the Grizzly Den access range from $250-$270 a season, with a GSA donation of $60-320 required as well. The option is only available for season ticket holders at the present time.

If fans want to opt for the Grizzly Den access, they can choose that option when they fill out the renewal forms, which were released last week. If you already have purchased your season tickets, you can call the Grizzly Scholarship Association offices at (406)-243-6481. For individual tickets for the Grizzly Den, or any other GSA, or non-GSA priority section you can fill out a form online.

The Grizzly Den becomes the third premium seating option for Griz games, along with the Canyon Club and Hellgate Terrace.

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